Tattoo FAQ

Do I need an appointment?

-Yes, The Twisted Doll is a private tattoo studio that operates by appointment only.

How do I book my tattoo?

- You will need a consultation before any tattoo time can be booked.
- To begin the consultation process, fill out the inquiries form on the contact page. Include your name, description of the design, size in inches and body location. You will receive a reply within 48-72 hours.
- Once the tattoo details have been hatched out during the email consult, you will then be informed of how many hours and/or sessions are needed to complete the tattoo.
- To book the tattoo appointment a non-refundable deposit is require. This will reserve the appointment time and is applied directly towards the cost of the tattoo.

What should I bring to my tattoo appointment?

- One piece of government issued photo ID
- Your deposit slip
- Feel free to bring a snack and drink (non alcoholic)
- If you’d like more than the company of your tattoo artist, one guest is permitted per client in the tattoo booth
- We love animals and children but please leave them at home.

How much will my tattoo cost?

- Pricing/time is determined by the subject matter, style, size, body placement and detail.
- Tattoo pricing is subjective. It is best to have a consult to get an accurate quote.
- You can request a consultation by completing the form on the Contact Page

What type of payment is accepted?

- We accept cash, debit and credit

Studio Policies

- No person under 18 years of age will be tattooed without parental/legal guardian consent
- No person under 16 years of age will be tattooed
- Valid government issued photo I.D is required for proof of age
- We will not tattoo any person suspected to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, if you may be pregnant or nursing OR if you are being an obnoxious jerk!!!